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divorce:  Uncontested vs. Contested

An "uncontested" divorce in New Jersey is one where both parties are able to agree to sign a Marital Settlement Agreement prior to the divorce complaint's first hearing. Whether your divorce is "uncontested" or "contested" largely determines the amount of time and money it will take to reach a final divorce.  If you and your spouse are able to come to agreement on all outstanding issues, such as dividing property, spousal support and child support, you may be able to finalize your Divorce in one (1) simple hearing, as opposed to lengthy, and costly, trial. The attorneys/mediators of Hammerman Rosen focus on providing divorcing couples with a personally tailored settlement plan, in an effort to achieve an uncontested divorce, avoid long, saving New Jersey couples thousands on their legal fees and their time.

The attorneys of Hammerman Rosen LLP are confident that we can provide competent and aggressive representation in any phase of a New Jersey divorce. Our mission is to advance our clients' interests and conserve their resources. We have drafted many Marital Settlement Agreements, and helped facilitate quick and easy resolution to complicated and emotional family issues. 

Prior to Divorce: Once a Complaint has been filed

Whether "uncontested" or "contested", every New Jersey Divorce must go through the complaint process using the Court system's FM docket in Superior Court: Chancery Division: Family Part.  

If you or your spouse has already filed a complaint for divorce, you almost certainly should talk to a family law attorney, as you will want to make the most of your limited opportunities to be heard on issues ranging from equitable distribution, child support, alimony, child custody to grandparent parental visitation and the children's religious upbringing.  

At Hammerman Rosen LLP, when a settlement is truly not possible, we work with our client's to achieve their best possible outcome.

Settlement is Always Possible At Any Stage of the New JErsey divorce Process

Even if you are currently at odds with your spouse, the right approach and skilled negotiation can resolve most issues.  Family courts are overburdened and push parties toward settlement.  

Enforcing an Existing Marital Settlement Agreement and Other Post-Judgment Relief

If you are not receiving visitation, support, or are in anyway not receiving what you are owed under an existing FM Order or Marital Settlement Agreement, Hammerman Rosen LLP can assist you in filing the necessary enforcement action.  

Similarly, if your circumstances have significantly changed or if your ex-spouse has begun any post-judgment modification action against you, the attorneys at Hammerman Rosen LLP are ready to assist you as necessary in the following areas of family law:

Divorce - Separation - Child Custody - Child Support - Property Division - Alimony - Spousal Support - Mediation & Arbitration - Domestic Violence and Restraining Orders

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