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Family Court: Non-Dissolution and FD Docket Matters

FAMILY COURT: Non-Dissolution and the FD Docket

Breaking up is hard to do, but shared children complicate any separation.  Under New Jersey law, a child has a right to be supported, and both parents are presumed to have rights to visitation time with their acknowledged children.  

The Superior Court of New Jersey: Chancery Division, Family Part has a number of what it calls Non-Dissolution Courts, docketed under the title FD, which are called "Non-Dissolution" because parties before these courts were never married.  These Non-Dissolution courts regularly try cases dealing with custody, child support, and visitation for former couples that share a child but never married. 

Consent ORder vs. FILING AN FD Complaint

Even if you are currently at odds with your spouse, the right approach and skilled negotiation can resolve most issues.  

Family courts are overburdened and push parties toward settlement.  As in all family court matters, settlement is always a possibility, though not always possible.

 If you are not getting necessary child support payments or if your child's parent is denying you visitation with your child, you will want to speak to an attorney to understand your rights.  At Hammerman Rosen LLP, we work with our clients to decide whether to immediately file a complaint, which begins the judicial process, or whether to approach your child's parent having drafted a Consent Order that outlines visitation, custody, and other issues.

The FD Hearing: REpresentation For Plaintiffs And Defendants

Once a complaint is filed, a hearing date will be scheduled.  You should strongly consider coming to this hearing represented by a family law attorney.  The issues on trial, such as how much you will get to see your children, who much you will pay or receive in child support, and who will make critical decisions with relation to your child, are far too important to leave up to chance.  You will want to be fully heard so the judge can make the best decision for your child.  

At Hammerman Rosen LLP we have had extraordinary success representing clients in family law court.  Our commitment to our family law practice is part of our commitment to achieving our clients' best possible outcomes.

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